February 8, 2014

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the new EddieSoft Photography blog.  Brian and I have been shooting photographs for many years, first starting out on print film and finally converting to digital several years ago.  Over time, we have continued to upgrade our equipment and expand our vacations to include more photography destinations.  Through those adventures, we have both continued to improve our photography skills.  We are Nikon shooters and have a wide variety of lens that allow us to capture once in a lifetime moments.  

Brian is an accomplished birder and combined that interest with his photography, allowing him to create many stunning shots over the years of beautiful feathered creatures.  Several of our trips have been specifically geared towards birding spots that allowed him to capture many species.  I am focused more on landscapes, especially waterfalls.  I have traveled to some exciting sites to view and photograph breathtaking falls.  Many times these sites are located in secluded forests, which add to the beauty of the moment.  

As I continue to update this blog, I will share stories behind our trips and photographs that we have captured, giving you a little insight into our adventures.  Brian and I hope you enjoy our site, as well as our blog.  Feel free to post comments, questions, suggestions.   We are always looking for new sites to photograph!

Note, Smugmug is requiring a Smugmug or Facebook login before a comment can be left.  We do not agree with this requirement and currently trying to find an alternative means to provide comments while pressing them to make a change.  Until then, feel free to simply email your comments to us at eddiesoft1@gmail.com and we will make it available on the site and respond.  Sorry for this temporary inconvenience

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