Mississippi River, Davenport, IA - MLD

Christmas Day Eagles

Brian and I find that we are turning our vacations and trips to visit family and friends into photography opportunities whenever possible.  I sometimes think we are in desperate need of a 12 step program and I know our families think the same thing!  Photography is an addiction and we are constantly trying to chase the perfect shot.  As a bird photographer, Brian especially can be found constantly searching for a new bird not on his life list.  When he chased down a pileated woodpecker early one morning in our backyard, I was really glad the trees masked the view from our neighbors!   I am not sure I could have explained that scene.  This past Christmas morning, we headed to my family for dinner and celebration about a 100 miles from our home.  We had heard that the eagles had already moved in for the winter on the Mississippi River in my hometown, so we thought we would stop by our favorite viewing spot to snap a few pictures before continuing to the family gathering.   As we arrived at the spot, we were shocked to see dozens and dozens of eagles filling the trees.  Every tree along the river was loaded.  Brian, like a kid in a candy store, was off and running through the snow pointing his camera at anything with feathers.  During excursions like this, especially those in the winter, I stay back in the car.  My MO is that I may have to keep moving it as we are sitting half on the road.  The real reason is I am a fair weather photographer and it is too cold to be running around outside in the snow!  As I am sitting in the car, I noticed this eagle along with several others sitting in the tree almost directly overhead.  I found that I could roll down the window and fire off shots from my car without leaving my toasty heater.   I took several shots and then set my camera aside.  I tried to get Brian back in the car as we were now running late for dinner and I did not want to explain yet again that a bird shot had delayed us.   After Christmas, I processed my pictures and was shocked to find some really nice shots.  This one is definitely the best of the batch.  I think he was actually posing for me!  Moral of the story,  some of the best pictures can be total surprises at the end of your shooting day.

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  • Melinda Barton Doerfler

    on February 25, 2014

    Thanks for the great comment! I might need to video Brian running around taking his pictures because it is much more fun to see his entire routine :)

  • Melinda Barton Doerfler

    on February 25, 2014

    First off, congratulations on your beautiful new photography site and blog!

    The eagle picture looks great, Linda. I really like the idea of staying in the warm car, particularly with the kind of winter we've had. Remember, though, whenever Brian is running around with his camera looking funny, please also take some pictures of him for us! Actually, the eagle's expression makes me wonder if he was looking at Brian.

    I'm looking forward to more pictures here, Linda!


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